Coldplay – New Wine In An Old Bottle



Here’s an adjective which sums up Coldplay in a single word and that is “surprising”.

Coldplay started out as a soft rock band. But, with each album they have constantly evolved to a more pop-rock-feel and then eventually into techno and disco beats which have compelled the world to dance on their feet.

In the initial years, the band had stunned the listeners with its mellow soothing melodies and sharp,honest lyrics. They made us “yellow” and made us realise “how lovely they were”.

After their Grammy-winning album in 2009, the band released Mylo Xyloto which  used synthesisers and a vocoder, voice codec that analyses and synthesises the human voice, to achieve electro rock sound. This was the gradual shift to electronic. The new sound was achieved through synthesisers and pitched background vocals. In spite of this shift, Coldplay still manages to sound uniform with their guitar riffs, bassline, and unique percussion, that is just simply described as Coldplay.


There is some criticism towards to the band in recent years. They are criticised for having shifted from writing sense to phrases which we dance to. But, Chris Martin revealed that he has been influenced by Katy Perry, Nirvana, and EDM. Martin says he was amazed by songs repeating a single chord sequence while, the simplicity of the vocal melody still keeps listeners engaged. He came up with a similar progression and decided to liven it up by adding some dance music into the mix. This is what led to the band reaching out to Avicii.

Beyoncé, Tove Lo, Noel Gallagher, and Merry Clayton have collaborated with Coldplay on their 7th album, ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’(rumored to be their last album),to add another layer of dimension of a funky little discotheque number that strays a bit far from what the band’s done in the past. Previously their collaboration with Rihanna for the iconic song ‘Princess of China’ showed their inclination towards popish music.

In the ever-changing times, we have seen Coldplay evolve and experiment new music, and mindfuck our brains. No wonder why Chris Martin calls Coldplay fans the best and the smartest.

‘Cause look at the stars they shine for Coldplay.



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