Love Me If You Dare is not everybody’s cup of tea. The quintessence of digesting this 1-hour 33-minute quirk show is to have an erratic sense of romance and drama. Directed by Yann Samuell, the movie’s bright colours is not to be mistaken for a happy vibe.

The film commences in the Belgian town of Liege exuding a fuzzy warmth of pastels and candy colours  where the two disruptive lovebirds, Sophie Kowalsky( Marion Cotillard) and Julien Janvier (Guillaume Canet) meet for the first time as kids.



Well, obviously it’s ‘LOVE.’ But, wait this is not your ordinary story of love, it’s what you will call a miserable love story.



Sophie’s and Julien’s friendship both blooms and is cemented by a game of dare initiated by both simultaneously when Julien TRIES TO comfort a bullied Sophie.

THERE starts their odd game of dare when Julien disengages the brake of a bus full of children without a driver. As the bus rolls down the hill with every discernible situation of a freak accident, the two has already begun their game of love. The very beginning of their relationship of theirs spells doom for all.

This game of dare escalates fast into their adolescence and then their adulthood. The game is the ultimate form of expression they have, the game cradles their love. Through the game, they take each other as well as the viewers on a rollercoaster ride of love, hate, anger, jealousy and revenge . Each emotion is shown vividly and to the extremes through a trivial game of dare for a mutually-agreed-exchanging ownership of a tin carousel box.


As they play the inconsiderate game and disrupt lives of others might make you question yourself are they even sane, but then that’s the beauty of the film. Their incessant choosing of a life of misery and an obsessive game of cat and mouse instead of a consummate relationship will keep you hooked till the end. As the movie ends on the darkest note in the spectrum of colours you see in the film with the two lovers leaving their distraught spouses and crystallising their ‘eternal love’ by getting into a pillar where cement is being poured will literally make you ask, “Cap ou pas cap?”

The alternative ending gives another stinging bite to the movie. It’s not a movie for the fainthearted romantic, it’s a movie for those who can see through the layers of drama into the thorns of idyllic love and still say I would love to give that a try!


So are you ready to fix your date with the movie, and do you have the guts to play?

Game or No Game?


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