5 Incidents of Homophobic Violence That Will Leave You Nauseous

 1.Tale of the Handcuff Man

 The tale of the Handcuff Man was like an urban legend among Atlanta’s gay community that turned into macabre reality. The tale went as that a slender man paid male gigolos spiked Vodka, the handcuffed them, stripped them,beat them and finally set their groin on fire. In 1991, after a 21-year old man’s body was found naked with severely burnt groins behind the shabby Ponce de Leon hotel, Robert Lee Bennett Jr., a former Atlanta lawyer hailing from a rich family was identified as the fabled Handcuff Man.


2.Murder of Daniel Zamudio

In 2012, Daniel Zamudio, 24-year old Chilean man was sadistically assaulted by four men in a public park for close to six hours until he lost consciousness for being gay. His four assailants branded him with cigarettes, carved swastikas on his skin and crushed his right leg with an 8kg rock followed by urinating on his body.


3.The Torturous Murder of Gisberta Salce Júnior

Gisberta Salce Júnior was a Brazilian transsexual who was tied, beaten, sodomised with a stick over a period of  three days then burned and dumped in a 10 m water pit while she was still alive. This heinous crime was committed by a group of twelve to fourteen adolescent boys between the age of 12 and 16 who got away due the statutes of juvenile crimes


4. The Double Murders of Appalachian Trail

In 1988, Rebecca Wight and Claudia Brenner, came under homophobic violence while hiking the Appalachians. Stephen Roy Carr shot this couple eight times because he felt enraged by the sight of two women engaged in intercourse; five hit Brenner, two Wight and the eighth was a miss. While Wight died on spot from the wounds, Brenner made it through the ordeal physically scarred and later became a gay activist.

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5.The Murder of Intersexual Muhadh Ishmael

Muhadh Ishmael, aged 17, had a body that had both male and female genitalia and enlarged breasts after puberty. His family detested his desire to be identified as a man and in December 2015, he was abducted by four men introduced as cousins by his uncle after being drugged and driven to a remote place, he was stripped and his penis cut off and abandoned in the deserts of Kenya.



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