Consumption of dog meat in Nagaland and the censure surrounding it

There’s  a lot of hullaballoo about consumption of dog meat and the merciless killing of dogs. In Nagaland, dog meat is an integral part of many a tribe’s diets and a very famed delicacy. With news afloat of Nagaland’s government being in the process of banning dog meat, we thought to look into a few details of the practice.

Why do some tribes of Nagaland consume dog meat?

Most tribes of Nagaland belong to the Mongoloid race. The descendants of the Mongoloid race were originally nomadic and used to consume whatever came their way. They did not farm crops and mostly survived on meat. Dogs being abundant, thus, became their staple diet. This over time got deep embedded in their culture and dog meat became a popular delicacy. Besides, dog meat is readily available and the cheapest meat available in the region.

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Why has there been a recent spurt in protests against this practice?

The undeniable conspicuousness of dogs’  love and loyalty towards humans and the reciprocation of the same from a wide population of humans cause a hue and cry when their existence is threatened. Besides, it is scientifically proven that dogs are one of the most empathetic beings in the animal kingdom.


Is it right from the liberal point of view to condemn someone consuming dog meat?

As a liberal, one would say as individuals one has the full freedom to decide what you want to eat and what you do not. But, even after so much evolution, we can say it may be expected out of us to be more compassionate towards animals who are compassionate towards us and, with no dearth of variety in food, we can actually let dogs be. Now many of you may ask, then should not all forms of meat consumption should attract the same attention and rationalism? Well, yes they do, but, we as humans are too biassed to rationalise on  a broader horizon.


But, nevertheless, the government of Nagaland taking a step towards banning dog meat is quite laudable. And, with such a progress many will be tempted to oppose it for reasons of  sovereignty, personal rights, right to live and maintain ethnic culture. But, let’s make an effort of seeing it through the glasses of compassion that the advanced human mechanism has been bestowed with.


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