5 reasons why not having Pokémon knowledge makes you a failure


With Pokémon Go being launched, the entire world has moved to an era of catching Pokémon. It’s a common sight to spot people roaming the streets with their mobile phones in their hands searching for Pokémon. Sadly, a majority of these players don’t even know anything about Pokémon apart from the basic stuff. Find out why not knowing about Pokémon makes you a failure:

1. You will not be able to recognise the Pokémon when they appear on your radar. There are 721 Pokémon currently (and some 200 more will be added by the end of 2016). Only the first 150 have been released on Pokémon Go as of now, but all of them will be added soon enough and you’ll be going haywire to know which one is what.


 2. You won’t know about competitive battling between players. Real time live battles between players are soon to be implemented, and those without knowledge of stats of the respective Pokémon will never win. Yes, each Pokémon has its own set of stats and abilities, and live battlers have extensive knowledge of these. So if you don’t have this knowledge, expect to be a failure because the real “Pokémon Masters” ‘know ‘em all’!

 3. You will be a social outcast on the internet. Right now, 60% of the content of the internet is about Pokémon Go. You don’t play Clash of Clans? Cool. You don’t watch Game of Thrones? You’re tempting me to smack your face. You don’t play Pokémon? THAT’S IT. GET OUT OF HERE.


 4. Aside from the game, Pokémon anime series offers great adventure. All of us watched the Pokémon anime to start our Pokémon life. Since it stopped airing on TV, most of us have stopped watching altogether. Except a few rare specimens, including myself. Pokémon anime truly has a genuine storyline, with lots of adventure and action, and even has emotional parts. Animation quality has greatly increased over time. People who are not watching are again missing out on the vibe needed to play Pokémon, which comes directly from the anime series.

5.You don’t understand Poké-puns. Everyone loves puns. ‘Wynaut’ have some Poké-puns right now? What if I tell you it’s my firm ‘Bayleef’ that nobody will ever ‘Raichu’ a love letter? Yes it’s a ‘Farfetch’d’ idea and you might want to ‘Exeggcute’ me right now but I ‘Relicanth’ stop these puns! You find these a’mew’zing? Now that’s ‘Onix’pected. Fine I’ll stop the puns, don’t throw a ‘Tyrantrum’ about it. :3




                                                Anindit Sinha, guest contributor.



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