Typical American Souvenirs Our Desi Friends Bring Us

Most of us have that relative or family friend who is settled in the USA don’t we?  And does the word ‘gift’ here excite you? Well, no. Let’s say these American gifts have ceased to EXCITE us, because don’t we all know the few typical things that are bound to be given as souvenirs? And hell yeah, there’s almost a stockpile of those items because probably the same person has gifted it to you on their previous visit and also on the visit before the previous one.  So what are these oh-so-predicatble-passé-American gifts?

1. Hershey’s Chocolates – Hershey’s chocolate is too generic a term to use here. We more specifically want to name Hershey’s Kisses and those tiny cubes of Hershey’s milk chocolate.We can blindly say we are just bored with these souvenirs and  now we don’t even bother taking them out of the fridge (it has become like Cadbury Eclairs :3). Yes if you are going to bring us Hershey’s then bring us candies like Payday or  Whatchamacallit  that we generally do not have the luxury of eating.


2.  I ❤ NY stuffs – Even though we are giving the most amicable smile and thanking you when we get I ❤ NY shirts , we absolutely hate this gift.This gift is so pathetic that even that local clothing shop has dozens of it and nobody cares to buy it. Plus, aren’t we the sanskaari lot? How can we  wear a heart on ourselves and dedicate it to someone…..


3. Liquor chocolates and mini bottles of alcohol – Firstly, the person gifting these surely are ancient and unaware of the fact that liquor chocolate is available in India. And we are totally judging you because we are sure you picked it up at the duty-free shops at the airport.Get us some alcohol that’s good but hasn’t hit Indian shores yet, pretty please?


4. Body lotions, body butter and bath salts – Those Body Shop lotions you generally gift your female friend and relatives are available here; you probably picked this up duty-free too. Those butter creams from unheard brands are just a cheap escapade  in the conventions of gifting. These gifts are  just a complete turn-off. Instead these female friends and relatives would be heartily thankful if you got them varieties of tampons not available in India and saved them the struggle of not having opyions to choose from and err.. the expense too.


5.Dollar tray items – yes we understand you are on a budget and the air tickets might be pretty draining but we live in a world where everything is available everywhere and is just a click away my friend. Do not gift us those one dollar makeup,perfumes and socks you picked up from the tray cause that is eventually going to end up in the trash bin.


P.S Don’t judge this post as materialistic, we’re just trying to teach a few people to be more generous with the changing times. 🙂



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